Our X-POCKET cut is a revolutionary redesign of traditional jeans. Sitting low on the body,
under a front yoke, a 32°-angle opening creates easier access to the pockets and a distinctly
urban look. This construction can also be applied to shirts, jackets, dresses, and more.
Addressing a growing need for casual separates, Blockickx picks up where we left off with
our “Internwear” range. Long before the 2020 lockdowns led to major changes in work
practices, we identified a growing trend for working remotely. We responded with a range of
comfortable but chic, functional clothing in soft, stretch fabrics for those whose home is also
their office.
Blockickx merges jeans codes with those of activewear; its metal rivets and raw-edges
reinforce not only its seams but also its connection to work pants and its utilitarian origins. It
also boasts our new “Tear-off Label”, which can be displayed, hidden, or even cut off: “Wear
it in, Wear it Out, or Tear it off”.


Originally designed to be torn off, our Tear-off Label quickly became a distinctive feature of
Marithé + François Girbaud pants that no one wants to remove.
We’ve now redesigned the label, retaining the uniqueness of the original, but this time it’s
not meant to be removed. It’s no longer attached exclusively to the fly; it’s also strategically
positioned inside jetted “stripes” on both tops and bottoms.

Marithé + François Girbaud
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