Our FIT-FORM-FUNCTION approach to providing practical pants for active urban lifestyles is not simply to add flat, military-inspired patch-pockets to the thigh. Employing our “Container” concept, our response with this iconic style is to incorporate storage space to accommodate everyday essentials within the legs of the garment, without distorting the silhouette.




Curving the lines of the pants and removing side seams produces a morphologically harmonious leg as well as space in which volume can be strategically and meticulously sculpted to create pockets which evoke, rather than replicate, battle dress of the past. Drawing on our “Internwear” from the 1990s, the lines between utilitarian casualwear and comfortable homewear are blurred. This softer, more relaxed iteration of cargo pants responds to the needs of the generations whose professional and personal living spaces are no longer strictly demarcated.



 We adopt the gesture of rolling up a pant leg as a powerful symbol of freedom, loudly asserting that we are no longer constrained by the chains that once oppressed slaves and prisoners. This practice transcends the memory of an era where enslavement was marked by iron and chain, to stand against modern forms of constraint, symbolized today by electronic monitoring bracelets. Through this gesture, we claim our emancipation and resistance against the remnants of oppression, affirming our unalienable right to freedom and self-determination.



Marithé + François Girbaud
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