Having worked with carded wool in the Black Mountain region in France for our Maillaparty collection, we wanted to delve even deeper into softness and sensuality by choosing luxurious Mongolian cashmere.

Sourced from the long, soft, silky undercoat of cashmere goats, reared in temperatures as low as -30° in an area which stretches from northern Indo-Pakistani Kashmir to northern Mongolia, our cashmere range is made from the finest quality wool that meets the most demanding standards of comfort and durability.

Recognized as one of the world's most luxurious natural fibers, cashmere is one of the most exclusive materials on the market. The secret of high quality cashmere lies in the delicacy of its fibers – a diameter of less than 19.5 microns – which are meticulously hand-separated from the goats’ coats. This labor-intensive process and the fact that one goat yields an average of 150 grams of cashmere per year – not quite enough to make a scarf – explains its exclusivity and price tag.

Cashmere wool possesses exceptional properties. Incredibly soft to the touch, it’s one of the few wools you can wear next to your skin without discomfort. Warmer and lighter than other wools, it provides excellent insulation without adding bulk. It also helps to regulate body temperature in both warm and cool conditions by absorbing and releasing moisture according to the surrounding environment, making it the perfect companion throughout the year. Its natural elasticity allows it to retain its shape and resist wrinkles, lending itself perfectly to our innovative shapes and constructions.

Our cashmere range is made in a family-run factory, from wool sourced from suppliers that respect animal welfare, and is the result of generations of high-quality artisanal craftsmanship. Warm or cold, our cashmere is designed to adapt to our nomadic lifestyles. They’re the pieces you keep in your bag or suitcase all year round to brave temperature swings.

More than just clothing, our timeless wardrobe staples tell a story. They also embody our commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion and our respect for animals and the environment.