The fusion of Indigo and French Terry

In a workshop bathed in natural light, Marithé and François envisioned an unprecedented fusion: combining the softness and comfort of fleece with the timeless durability of indigo denim. This bold and revolutionary vision gave birth to our new Indigo-Terry range, celebrating "The Best of Both Worlds." The inspiration arose from a simple yet impactful observation. We all love the warmth and comfort of a good brushed fleece sweatshirt, perfect for cool days and relaxing moments. At the same time, indigo denim, with its classic look and casual elegance, remains a staple of the Marithé François Girbaud brand. Thus, our bi-material Indigo-Terry range was born. Each piece is carefully designed to capture the essence of these two materials: the flexibility and comfort of fleece combined with the durability and elegance of denim.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our slogan, "The Best of Both Worlds," perfectly embodies this fusion. We have taken the best aspects of brushed fleece on the inside and combined them with indigo denim on the outside, known for its durability, timeless style, and ability to age beautifully over time. A unique style, at the crossroads of casual comfort and relaxed elegance. Our bi-material garments are perfect for all occasions, whether it's a day of creative work, an urban outing, or a moment of relaxation. They adapt to all situations, offering the best of both worlds.


Our commitment doesn't stop at design. Aware of environmental issues, we have selected sustainable materials and implemented responsible production processes. Each garment is available for pre-order and is designed to last, thereby reducing our ecological footprint. We invite you to discover this collection that reinvents and disrupts the norms, combining innovation, attention to detail, and comfort.